Interactive models and their explanations .


These explorables serve as inspiration for how to share your models with an audience. They combine interactive simulations with explanatory text to help readers explore a model. Happy exploring!

Introduction to the CPM

This explorable explains the algorithm and dynamics behind the CPM.

A CPM of Cell Migration

This explorable describes a CPM extension that lets cells migrate actively.

Game of Life

Learn all about the 'Game of Life', a classic model by John Conway that is surprisingly interesting despite its simple rules.

Back to the Classics: Cell Sorting

In this explorable, we go back to the classics: the very first CPM that was designed by Graner and Glazier as a model for cell sorting.

Divide and Conquer: A Simple Spatial Model of Cell Division

This explorable shows what happens when we link the CPM spatial dynamics and cell shapes to other processes, like cell division.