Example Gallery

Coding examples in Artistoo .

CPM examples

Various processes simulated in a Cellular Potts Model (CPM). Mix and match elements from the examples to build your own simulations. Click to view.

Inspiring Magnets

This model of self-organising spins inspired the CPM.

Staying Single

A simple CPM cell with only adhesion/volume constraints.

Just Keep Swimming

A "cell" with modified volume constraint goes for a random walk.

Back To The Classics

The first CPM: cells sorting through differential adhesion.

Let It Grow

A growing mass of proliferating cells.

Diffuse And Conquer

A discrete approximation of Diffusion.


Cells aligning their preferred directions.

Dora the Explorer

A cell migrating actively by forming membrane protrusions.

One-Lane Traffic

A migrating cell confined in a microchannel.


Two cells rotating on a micropatterned surface.

A Choreographed Dance

Cells move in a global direction that changes over time.

Attraction At First Sight

Cells move towards a specified target point.

Bull's Eye

Cells moving up a chemokine gradient.

Catch Me If You Can!

Cells attracting other cells through specific chemokines.

50 Shades Of RNA

Stochastic corrector model in the CPM.


Cells... with other cells inside.

Holding Tight

A tightly packed layer of epidermal cells.

So Pushy...

A layer of crammed cells expands over time.

I'm Just Browsing

T Cells patrolling in the epidermis.

Licence To Kill?

Immune cells invading (but not killing) a growing tumour.

CA examples

Cellular Automata (CA) models are a slightly simpler class of grid-based models. Since a grid is implemented in Artistoo anyway, you can also use the framework to build CAs. Here are some examples.

The Prequel

Before Game of Thrones, there was Conway's Game of Life.

Going Viral

The SIR model of a spreading infection.

Crystal Clear

A crystal growing through diffusion-limited aggregation.

Tips and Tricks

There's more you can do with Artistoo! Look below for inspiration on how to make your simulations interactive, or to customize your outputs. The sky is the limit!

Click Flick

Stop and restart this simulation via a simple mouse click.

Playground Slide

Control this migrating cell's parameters via input sliders.

Control Room

Control many different parameters via input fields.

Measure At Leisure

Define your own statistic.

It's a wrap?

Understanding boundary conditions.

You're a Viz-art, Harry!

Painting pretty pictures... with a CPM.

3D examples

Be warned: things become difficult once you go 3D. But to get you started, have a look at the example code in the examples/3D/ folder.

More Dimensions For Dora To Explore!

An example of a 3D CPM.